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iPod Touch 5: Nothing less. Only More!

O ya! It’s not the iPhone and iPad Mini that steal the limelight, but the pet project iPod too grabs the eyeballs with the latest in the series called the iPod Touch 5! And yes we swear by that when we say that this 5th generational iPod Touch is on parity merit with the recently unveiled iPhone 5…

With a tagline of – Engineered for maximum funness. -  iPod Touch 5 is surely designed for maximizing the fun quotient be it manoeuvring, perfect display clarity, real-life captures or the all new audible experience – nothing will be too much fun ever!

Talking about the body and technical specs, the Touch 5 will be slimmer than iPhone 5 and will sport a screen-size of 4-inch Retina Display (Apple patent!). Tough the screen gets taller, but not wider you still have complete one-handed control! An oleo phobic coating makes the screen fingerprint-resistant.

The surreal capturing comes alive with a 5-MP iSight Camera that has auto-focus + LED Flash and a host of HD Film-shooting and picture-capturing Features! Two options with storage – 32GB and 64GB – and two connectivity options – Bluetooth and Wi-Fi – cradle the iPod. And all this is motorized by the superb processing of a Dual-Core A5 chip – it is Power meets Play. It is accompanied with the external accessories – a loop, a lightening connector and the Brand-new Earpods, for that exceptional sound delivery!!

The launch is scheduled for 28th October 2012 and it is priced approx for Rs.15000 for 16GB and Rs.22000 for 32GB.
We are sure this one’s quite impressive in every aspect and is the kinda stuff one should go around with! Ready to be swept off your feet?

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Hyundai i40 – All Set To Rule Your Hearts

Hyundai has never been amongst the high-end car developers. They have had a very restricted buyer-section of the society. But now it’s all set to break its own rules. With successful forerunners like i10, i20 and i30; Hyundai unveils i40 for the relative upper class! A brilliant amalgamation of Hyundai Sonata and Hyundai Elantra.

Three things are to be raved about it -

-    European Style – conceptualized, designed and styled up at Russelsheim, Germany. The European pedigree is delivered by its chicness and sophistication. Hyundai i40 sports a very nature-inspired design that has a very organic charisma to it! The front to back beaming of fluid dynamics!

-    Spatial Opulence – i40 practically has vast volumes of spaciousness. The interiors are in perfect sync with the exteriors. The interior space is bound to exceed your expectation and the vast and conspicuous storage/ cargo area is something to look forward to. With absolute foldable, amendable seats. Sit. Laze. Sleep. Jump. Anything!

-    High Fuel Efficiency - the gasoline and diesel engines give high-fuel efficiency as compared to the competition. The new and highly fuel efficient Nu 2.0 features an aluminium ladder frame construction for improved durability and reduced noise and vibration. A killer engine.

This one won’t just glide on the road but will sweep you off your feet too! But you will have to wait for this class-defined road-carrier to hit the Indian Markets!

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