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Dual Screen is the new way of Computing!

Every coin has two sides! But did you ever think of a laptop with two screens? We bet you didn’t, not even in your wildest dreams!

But yes, Samsung has done the unthinkable, and yet again! Classified as a notebook, this petite beauty holds screens on both the sides, back-to-back on the upper lid! A little heavier for a notebook series, we believe the second screen adds to the weight! And we presume the dual display could be put to a use of Tablet when the upper cover is closed rendering the outer hood as a Tablet touch screen. The notebook is blessed with Windows 8 Operating System – an attempt at capitalizing the dual-nature of Windows 8!
Talkin’ about the body statistics, it vaguely resembles a MacBook Air or ultrabook! With sleeker metal sides that taper off to a point. And black chiclet-style Keys accompanied with palm-rests that have a brushed metal feeling!
On the whole it is very promising, but the bitter fact stays that this is still in the proto-type mode, and no one knows when it will see the light of the day, if ever!

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