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‘Ultrasmart’ computing with HCL Ultrasmart ME 3074!

When you have the supremely stylish Nargis Fakhri with oozing smartness for a product launch, you can blindly expect the same demeanour from the product too!!

This brilliant new ME series combines ultra-smartness + ultra-slimness + ultra-speed = A powerful amalgamation! From the celebrated house of HCL, this laptop series has been dubbed as HCL Ultrasmart ME 3074. It’s a level-above, it’s an ultrabook! Being an ultrabook, the laptop offers a battery backup of over 7 hours and a superior responsive system that resumes Windows in less than 5 secs! That makes this laptop enviously superfast!

Being a top notch creation, the specifications are also likewise-

-    Powered by Intel Core i3 Processor.
-    A high battery backup of 7 hours.
-    A superior responsive system that resumes Windows in less than 5 seconds.
-    4GB RAM, upgradeable to 8GB.
-    14-inch LED Backlit Display.
-    Phenomenal dimensions of 18mm thinness and a super-light weight of 1.7kgs.
-    Internal Hard disk storage of 32GB, plus a 500GB HDD and USB 3.0/2.0 connectivity and
-    HCL Advantage 39 month’s warranty.

And the story just doesn’t end here! The pricing is relatively moderate for an ultrabook like this one! It’s priced between Rs. 51,990/- to Rs. 54,990/- depending on the edition you select!

We give two thumbs up for this one!

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HTC too leaps in the Windows Phone 8 chase!

Now that Samsung, Nokia were done revealing their Windows 8-operated mobiles, it was turn for HTC to join the bandwagon! Rumours of HTC showcasing some two or three new league of Smartphones were doing round the corners for quite a bit now. And finally the first in the series gets ready to be launched – the HTC 8X – which previously surfaced as HTC Accord!!

The rumoured specifications that are probable to flank the first in Windows-operated HTC could be – a 4.3-inch 720p HD screen and an 8-MP Rear Camera, powered by 1.2GHz dual-core processor with ample 1GB Ram and 16GB internal storage. With auto-focus, LED Flash and an ultra-wide angle front camera that is capable of full HD video!!

The phone includes Beats Audio integration and an NFC-enabling making it the top-notch, flagship model!

With extremely promising technical specs, we still hunger more on the physical dimensions of the smartphone. The first look at the leaked photos (apparently) does not shed any light on the body of the cell and we wonder if the square design is akin to HTC One V or that of iPhone 4S!

Scheduled for 19th September 2012, the smartphone will remain veiled until then. And we would then be better able to judge the phone!

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iPod Touch 5: Nothing less. Only More!

O ya! It’s not the iPhone and iPad Mini that steal the limelight, but the pet project iPod too grabs the eyeballs with the latest in the series called the iPod Touch 5! And yes we swear by that when we say that this 5th generational iPod Touch is on parity merit with the recently unveiled iPhone 5…

With a tagline of – Engineered for maximum funness. -  iPod Touch 5 is surely designed for maximizing the fun quotient be it manoeuvring, perfect display clarity, real-life captures or the all new audible experience – nothing will be too much fun ever!

Talking about the body and technical specs, the Touch 5 will be slimmer than iPhone 5 and will sport a screen-size of 4-inch Retina Display (Apple patent!). Tough the screen gets taller, but not wider you still have complete one-handed control! An oleo phobic coating makes the screen fingerprint-resistant.

The surreal capturing comes alive with a 5-MP iSight Camera that has auto-focus + LED Flash and a host of HD Film-shooting and picture-capturing Features! Two options with storage – 32GB and 64GB – and two connectivity options – Bluetooth and Wi-Fi – cradle the iPod. And all this is motorized by the superb processing of a Dual-Core A5 chip – it is Power meets Play. It is accompanied with the external accessories – a loop, a lightening connector and the Brand-new Earpods, for that exceptional sound delivery!!

The launch is scheduled for 28th October 2012 and it is priced approx for Rs.15000 for 16GB and Rs.22000 for 32GB.
We are sure this one’s quite impressive in every aspect and is the kinda stuff one should go around with! Ready to be swept off your feet?

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Nokia Lumia 900 – A cult Windows Sensation!

Perhaps proving a reprisal to the sorely fading Finnish Telecom Company, Lumia 900 is a saving grace for Nokia in more than one ways!

A near flagship model, it does have a plethora of features on the platter to offer! A mid-range model when it comes to high-end specifications and relatively cheaper price, both coined together! And so in our view a perfect must-have for those who believe in settling for a good deal!!
Just to tip you off the soaring features, here’s a run-down -

  • Windows Phone 7.5 OS
  • Quad-band 3G with 42 Mbps HSDPA and 5.7 Mbps HSUPA support
  • 4.3-inch AMOLED capacitive touch screen
  • Scratch-resistant display with anti-glare polarizer
  • 8-MP Autofocus camera + Dual LED Flash
  • 1-MP Front Camera
  • Xbox Live + Nokia Maps + Nokia Drive
  • 16GB Internal Storage and 25GB of Cloud Storage

These are anytime invincible features in the present array of Windows Phone Series! And when you can snatch a piece of an art-cum-technology like this at a price deal you state, nothing beats that. Where? Of course, exclusively here at The bids are being placed, people are making strategies. What are you waiting for? Hop in and start bidding and claim this product as yours!!

You know what they say – Better late than never! But see to it you don’t get too late!!

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Dual Screen is the new way of Computing!

Every coin has two sides! But did you ever think of a laptop with two screens? We bet you didn’t, not even in your wildest dreams!

But yes, Samsung has done the unthinkable, and yet again! Classified as a notebook, this petite beauty holds screens on both the sides, back-to-back on the upper lid! A little heavier for a notebook series, we believe the second screen adds to the weight! And we presume the dual display could be put to a use of Tablet when the upper cover is closed rendering the outer hood as a Tablet touch screen. The notebook is blessed with Windows 8 Operating System – an attempt at capitalizing the dual-nature of Windows 8!
Talkin’ about the body statistics, it vaguely resembles a MacBook Air or ultrabook! With sleeker metal sides that taper off to a point. And black chiclet-style Keys accompanied with palm-rests that have a brushed metal feeling!
On the whole it is very promising, but the bitter fact stays that this is still in the proto-type mode, and no one knows when it will see the light of the day, if ever!

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Apple iPhone 5 Unveiled

Rumors have finally come to an end…The eagerly anticipated product from the house of Apple has been unveiled. Apple iPhone 5 which is a upgraded version of iPhone 4S.

And here comes… Taller, thinner, brighter and lighter iPhone you’ve ever seen or experienced before. You will glad to know that Apple has officially launched iPhone 5. Despite of being so thin and so light, the iPhone 5 comes with a wider display, a faster chip, the latest wireless technology, an 8MP iSight camera with video recording at 1080p, LED Flash & Autofocus and more.

The iPhone 5 is powered by an Apple A6 Dual Core processor and holds 4 inches IPS LCD display screen at a resolution of 1136 pixels by 640 pixels. It supports front facing camera to make FaceTime video calls. You can also use the front camera for taking self-portraits or recording 720p HD video. It is available with varying internal Storage options such as 16 GB, 32 GB, and 64 GB versions.  It comes with the 802.11a/b/g/n Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0 wireless technology.

As far as the battery is concerned the newly launched iPhone 5 supports rechargeable lithium-ion battery that delivers talk time up to 8 hours on 3G and standby time up to 225 hours. The iPhone 5 is of course more powerful than its predecessor, so you can expect better performance from your apps in the future.

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