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Now refer your friends through SMS and win big

JeetLe India’s best bidding and reverse auction website has modified its Refer and Earn scheme, now you can not only refer Jeetle to your friends through the email but you can also refer through SMS.  With this you can enjoy dual benefits that would increase your intensity, fun and excitement. Let’s check out how?

Refer through Sending SMS

Every user has to put their registered mobile number to get the Predefine SMS on their mobile. By requesting on JeetLe, user will get Pre-define SMS on their mobile. Same message without tempering the content of SMS, has to send/forward to their peers/friends/family etc. Referrer should ensure that all these people who are coming through SMS should use the code given in the SMS to be eligible in the contest. Any Cost of sending of SMS to their peers/friends/family etc. should be born /pay by user/referrer only. JeetLe will not pay for any success or un-success delivery of SMS.

Refer through Sending Email

User has to click on Refer a Friend link on The referrals have to come through the link send to them for registration through your ‘Refer and Earn’ link only. Any Cost of sending of email to their peers/friends/family etc. should be born / pay by user/referrer only. JeetLe will not pay for any success or un-success delivery of email.

Points to be remembered:-

  • Scheme valid on Referrals between: 1st January 2013 To 31st January 2013
  • The people you refer also have to register on Jeetle between 1st January 2013 to 31st January 2013 to be counted as an entry in the contest.
  • Only the number of people who register will be taken into consideration for this contest, not the amount they deposit.
  • If you are among the top 3 referrers who refer the maximum number of people on Jeetle who register, you would be declared the winner at the end of the contest.
  • Referrers need to get minimum 100 registrations to qualify for the First Prize.

Rewards and Prizes

1st Prize: Samsung Galaxy Y Duos Mobile

2nd Prize: 50000 Bid Pack

3rd Prize: 25000 Bid Pack

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JeetLe Presents The Dussehra Special, Win Big!!!

Double the Fun! Double the Joy! It’s time to celebrate…  JeetLe presents the Dussehra special bustle “Wheel of Fortune”  where, 15 LUCKY


When will it start?

So are you excited to participate? The wheel of fortune will begin from 25th October 2012 & end on 31st October 2012 (Not Valid for weekends). This scheme will run on daily basis at three specific times as 14:10pm, 15:10pm & 17:10pm so keep your eyes open and stay alert. Every day, three lucky winners will be awarded by great prizes.

Steps to Participate
•    Top 40 depositors* between October 1st and October 24th, 2012 will be shortlisted.
•    To participate in “Wheel of Fortune” you will need to give the correct answer of a question.
•    Top 40 Depositors will be sent a mail with the Question.
•    The correct answer should be sent within 2 hours of sending the mail to qualify for the activity.

Terms and Conditions
• The winners shall win prizes as announced by J9 Ventures.
• J9 Ventures reserves its rights to modify the terms and conditions of the activity, prizes, etc. without prior notice to the users.
• J9 Ventures reserves the right to cancel any part or all of the prizes.
• The winner will be required to submit identity proof to J9 Ventures.
• The courier charges as applicable will be paid by the user.

Click here to know more about the “Wheen of Fortune”

* For details, visit our website.

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Referring to a Friend can earn you ‘Goodies’!!

Have you ever faced a situation where out of your kindness you help somebody and unexpectedly receive a reward, in return? We bet you did. And then of course you are aware of the peace-at-heart-type feeling! Nothing beats that…

Yes that’s something very similar we ask of you! We appeal to be blessed by your polite generosity. And so to assist you in this benevolence we bring you the ‘Refer and Earn programme!

Under the ‘Refer and Earn’ programme we put you in an opportunity that might just help you win mobiles, music players, watches and more! What’s more, all this at a seldom price plainly for your kind gesture!

Elaborating on the scheme, we simply need you to refer to a friend(s) and make sure that they register on The top three users with maximum number of referrals registering up on will subsequently be rewarded as follows –

1st Prize: Samsung Galaxy Y + Canon Power shot A800 Camera

2nd Prize: 50000 Bid Pack

3rd Prize: 25000 Bid Pack

So we hope you help us out and in turn allow us to reward you. We insist you please check this page –

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Yamaha SZ-R: Animalistic ‘High-Speed’ Sensation!

Yamaha SZ-R is strikingly familiar to the eyes in many ways. One equation will answer all your doubts: Yamaha SZ-R = Yamaha R15 + Yamaha FZ! The most striking features that captivate your eyes are the slender animalistic lines and curves that are a breather from the beefy outlines of FZ or R15. But then again the SZ-series from Yamaha has never disappointed anybody! So it’s only obvious that SZ-R is hopelessly impressive! A sure hit among the Speed-mongers! And all out there on waiting for you to grab and speed it away!!

Touted as the “Powerful City Commuting Bike”, Yamaha SZ-R completely seizes the opportunity where the Indian patrons are looking for a performance-based bike but one that’s restricted to the need of commuting purposes alone. A thorough style statement at 150cc, Yamaha SZ-R has the ability to fairly impress you at the first look! Though not as macho as the R15 or FZ in body dynamics, it’s enough nimble to make way easily through the traffic limitations and a yes-yes for those light-weighted highway rides (perhaps, race!). The Yamaha SZ-R boasts of front disc brakes, electric start and an air scoop which differentiates itself from the body colour through a paintjob. The best part being, it comes with pre-fitted alloy wheels as a part of standard package!

With a host of awards bestowed to it –

  • Bike of the Year 2010 for SZ-X by ET Zigwheels.
  • 150cc Commuter Motorcycle of the Year 2010 for SZ-X by ET Zigwheels.
  • Viewer’s Choice Bike of the Year Award for SZ-X by ET Zigwheels.
  • Viewer’s Choice Award for SZ-X by CNBC Overdrive Awards 2011.
  • Viewer’s Choice Award for SZ-X by NDTV Car & Bike Awards 2011.

Yamaha SZ-R is a feature-rich bike at the affordable price-point! But it’s worth-noting that it was last sold for a price of Rs. 5.24! Don’t be surprised because you know how that will be possible! Yes, only on JeetLe reverse auction… the auction closes 14th Sept’12 and you are still left with ample time. Go ahead. Place your bids. Make Yamaha SZ-R all yours at an astounding low price. Bid, bid, bid…

Auction closes on 14th September 2012

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What is Lowest and Unique Bid!?

Hmm… the most coveted question in JeetLe. And the most helpful if you get it right! The bidding and the subsequent winning based on your bidding is a completely strategic process. Play right. Play wise. Play keen. And you are an assured winner.  Please allow us to explain the “lowest and unique bidding” system.

JeetLe – Lowest & Unique Bid Video

Suppose four arbitrary personals – A, B, C and D – are bidding for the same product.
•    Person A bids an amount of Rs. 2 and person B bids an amount of Rs. 3 – thus, in this situation Person A becomes the lowest and the unique bidder. On the contrary, both A and B are unique bidders, mind you. So if your profile shows that you are a unique bidder, it doesn’t imply that you are the lowest!
•    Now person C also bid’s for an amount of Rs. 2 – in this situation he bids same as person A unknowingly, since the bidding amounts are never made public. Therefore, both A and C become not unique bidders! Tough their amount is lowest but not unique; here person B – with a bidding amount of Rs. 3 – automatically becomes the lowest and the unique bidder.
•    As for person D, depending upon his bidding amount say –
1.    Rs. 4 – he becomes not lowest, not unique bidder.
2.    Rs. 1 – he becomes lowest and unique bidder.

See, it’s all about approximation, estimation and keen observation! It’s certainly not difficult but it requires smart and decisive working. Every time the game statistics change, you will be notified depending on your upsurge or slump in the position in the game.

Tips to Win** on JeetLe -

Lower End Bidding: Players normally start bidding with the lowest amount. Playing bids on the lower end helps you figure out what the lowest and unique bid could be! It’s worth noting that many other players have the same mind-set, so giving a second thought is advisable.
Higher End Bidding: Some players bid with higher amounts, gradually sliding to lower bids. This normally works for experienced and confident bidders.
Survey: It’s better to analyze bids placed for previous products, so as to scheme the trend that’s currently being followed. First time bidders, please check the winner page.
Constant Watch: Once you start playing, keep a close watch at your bids placed. Checking the Bid status regularly will help you to locate where the lowest and unique bid is placed.
Dead End Bidder: This is a risky strategy, when you think that you are only player and can out bid any number of bids though sometimes it helps you to win too.

**These points do not guarantee winning the auction but may help you in winning.

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Register and Jeeto Gold Bar!

This entire month has been full of festivities. And festivals bring delight and bliss in one and all’s life. And we hope and wish that these joyous occasions always continue in your life. So at JeetLe we bring, especially for you, abundant offers, schemes and guaranteed winning opportunities so that your every attempt doesn’t go futile!

Register Play and Win Gold Bar

The devoted users who have registered and played or those who will be registering and playing bids from 1st of August to 31st of August 2012, automatically become eligible for our Register Play and Win Gold Bar Contest. But mind you only those users playing paid bids are entitled for this contest! So if you haven’t yet played, better start bidding…

The winners will be chosen and announced through a computer-based randomizer. So it all depends on your luck and our wishes! The winners will be rewarded 2 Gram Gold each. A chance to swear by!

Terms and Conditions:
- The contest is valid for bids done between 1st August 2012 and 31st August 2012.
- J9 ventures hold the sole discretion on deciding the winner.
- J9 ventures shall not entertain any questions, correspondence, and inquiries on the manner of conduct of the contest from any party whatsoever.
- The winners shall win prizes as announced by J9 Ventures.
- The selection of prizes is as per the sole discretion of J9 Ventures.
- J9 Ventures reserves its rights to modify the terms and conditions of the Contest, prizes, etc., without notice to the users.
- J9 Ventures reserves the right to cancel any part or all of the prizes.
- The winner will be required to submit identity proof to J9 Ventures.

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Get rewarded… every week!

We at JeetLe never let anybody go bare handed. And thus to live through to our motto – Bid and win BIG – we bring for you winning schemes every week! A little invest from your side, major bonuses from our side!

All we need you to do is deposit an amount of Rs.100/- or more than that on JeetLe and become eligible for our weekly rewarding schemes. These weekly schemes are purely luck-based and no marketing gimmicks lie beneath it.

•    The winner shall be picked up automatically through the computer randomizer, so as such it’s no hoax!
•    As announced by J9 ventures – so shall the winner be prized that particular product.
•     The winner would be required to submit verification documents to J9 Ventures for the winning prize.

As recorded, the winners of the last two weeks are
- Mr. Banda Sreenivas won a Samsung Champ 2 Mobile in the week from 1st to 7th August.
- Mr. Arpit Jain won Micromax FunBook in the week from 8th to 15th August.

This week Phlips CD Soundmachine is up for the weekly scheme.

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Why is JeetLe Unique and Trustworthy? Read on…

Competitors are a galore.  Imitators are countless. Yet JeetLe manages to be the most user-registered and online guests frequented website. Do you know why? It’s because we are unique and different, authentic and genuine when compared to others. And we don’t just say that, it’s your testimonials that make us say so! For as of you who are our newest members, we beg to tell you why we differ from others and not just differ but vehemently.

  • Proof of Product Delivery: Right. JeetLe is the only website by far to provide an authentic proof of Delivery. Much like a ‘receipt’ that ensures safeguarding of your product and interests thereafter. The Delivery Company i.e. DTDC in our case, will hand over the receipt once you accept the product after verification. For any further business, this receipt will be your Pass!
  • 4500+ winners: Believe it or not, a minimum of six users are rewarded daily. And we say minimum! Play wisely and smartly, and you can be an assured winner today! Our testimonial section is full of such examples!
  • Maximum number of Unique Winners: Of course there are those who have become a pro at bidding and winning. And then there are those who’re new and fresh winners every day, which means JeetLe boasts of guaranteed winning every day, provided you play! So start bidding…
  • Products worth 4.5 Cr+ sold: Till this date, JeetLe has successfully sold products worth over 4.5 Crores.  JeetLe brings you an array of A-list products each day to choose from. JeetLe has been and is an excellent platform for endearing those products which otherwise would make big holes in our pockets.
  • Rewards and schemes for all our Participants: Yes. True to our motto – Bid and win Big – we deem in making your every attempt a reward. Because at JeetLe every user is priceless! So we bring to you a host of reward systems and schemes just so that you never leave empty-handed.

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