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Rejoice, New Users! Celebrate those who’ve never won!!

And opens its Pandora’s Box again! And this time, we have a special surprise for the users who have never won anything on!

Just for your information, the users can avail this facility on the LIVE-auctioned products that sport the “New Users” Logo! Well in this case, only those users who’ve never-ever-never won anything on can play or bid for the product.

So its a time for celebration, cheering and merriment for those people who’ve had hard luck before! Under this scheme, you won’t face any smart and pro contenders bidding for the product. Just the fresh bidders and the old bidders who’ve never won anything!

Like always we say – our every customer is precious to us – so to live through it, we bring such unique and innovative schemes and programmes, like the New Users, only so that you don’t leave from here empty-handed!!

*Happy Bidding*

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Get rewarded… every week!

We at JeetLe never let anybody go bare handed. And thus to live through to our motto – Bid and win BIG – we bring for you winning schemes every week! A little invest from your side, major bonuses from our side!

All we need you to do is deposit an amount of Rs.100/- or more than that on JeetLe and become eligible for our weekly rewarding schemes. These weekly schemes are purely luck-based and no marketing gimmicks lie beneath it.

•    The winner shall be picked up automatically through the computer randomizer, so as such it’s no hoax!
•    As announced by J9 ventures – so shall the winner be prized that particular product.
•     The winner would be required to submit verification documents to J9 Ventures for the winning prize.

As recorded, the winners of the last two weeks are
- Mr. Banda Sreenivas won a Samsung Champ 2 Mobile in the week from 1st to 7th August.
- Mr. Arpit Jain won Micromax FunBook in the week from 8th to 15th August.

This week Phlips CD Soundmachine is up for the weekly scheme.

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Why is JeetLe Unique and Trustworthy? Read on…

Competitors are a galore.  Imitators are countless. Yet JeetLe manages to be the most user-registered and online guests frequented website. Do you know why? It’s because we are unique and different, authentic and genuine when compared to others. And we don’t just say that, it’s your testimonials that make us say so! For as of you who are our newest members, we beg to tell you why we differ from others and not just differ but vehemently.

  • Proof of Product Delivery: Right. JeetLe is the only website by far to provide an authentic proof of Delivery. Much like a ‘receipt’ that ensures safeguarding of your product and interests thereafter. The Delivery Company i.e. DTDC in our case, will hand over the receipt once you accept the product after verification. For any further business, this receipt will be your Pass!
  • 4500+ winners: Believe it or not, a minimum of six users are rewarded daily. And we say minimum! Play wisely and smartly, and you can be an assured winner today! Our testimonial section is full of such examples!
  • Maximum number of Unique Winners: Of course there are those who have become a pro at bidding and winning. And then there are those who’re new and fresh winners every day, which means JeetLe boasts of guaranteed winning every day, provided you play! So start bidding…
  • Products worth 4.5 Cr+ sold: Till this date, JeetLe has successfully sold products worth over 4.5 Crores.  JeetLe brings you an array of A-list products each day to choose from. JeetLe has been and is an excellent platform for endearing those products which otherwise would make big holes in our pockets.
  • Rewards and schemes for all our Participants: Yes. True to our motto – Bid and win Big – we deem in making your every attempt a reward. Because at JeetLe every user is priceless! So we bring to you a host of reward systems and schemes just so that you never leave empty-handed.

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