HTC too leaps in the Windows Phone 8 chase!

Now that Samsung, Nokia were done revealing their Windows 8-operated mobiles, it was turn for HTC to join the bandwagon! Rumours of HTC showcasing some two or three new league of Smartphones were doing round the corners for quite a bit now. And finally the first in the series gets ready to be launched – the HTC 8X – which previously surfaced as HTC Accord!!

The rumoured specifications that are probable to flank the first in Windows-operated HTC could be – a 4.3-inch 720p HD screen and an 8-MP Rear Camera, powered by 1.2GHz dual-core processor with ample 1GB Ram and 16GB internal storage. With auto-focus, LED Flash and an ultra-wide angle front camera that is capable of full HD video!!

The phone includes Beats Audio integration and an NFC-enabling making it the top-notch, flagship model!

With extremely promising technical specs, we still hunger more on the physical dimensions of the smartphone. The first look at the leaked photos (apparently) does not shed any light on the body of the cell and we wonder if the square design is akin to HTC One V or that of iPhone 4S!

Scheduled for 19th September 2012, the smartphone will remain veiled until then. And we would then be better able to judge the phone!

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