Smart Watch from Sony – on Auction

Time to androidify your TIME! Sony’s newest and happening cellular watch – Sony Smart Watch – is a digital watch that draws the eye for its chic, slender beauty. But what sets it apart is the range of wireless functions it offers through a Bluetooth smart phone connection! Zapped?

Yes. A watch on the lines of Smart phones! Since its first arrival, watches have come a long way to become a powerful style statement. And with this Smart Watch, you will definitely make a sophisticated cut. Customize it with changeable bands everyday to suit your outfit.

A simple Bluetooth connectivity to your phone lets you simply tap, swipe or press way. Install a host of apps and you are all set to flick your world at the fingertip. It brings your Social Media platform on the wrist and reads your messages and even rejects your calls. What more could one ask for?

Do whatever you want to do with it, it’s simply designed to impress. A multi-utility Smart Watch is what you need.

This magnificent Watch is on auction on JeetLe. Auction closes on 30th August 2012

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