Honda Stunner CBF Auction closing on 17th Aug 2012

They say patience pays off! And more rightly when your patience is being auctioned! I mean reverse-auctioned!! For months various reputed and loyal customers of JeetLe have been hobnobbing to and fro the site for rewarding their moderate needs. And subsequently, JeetLe has never disillusioned its loyal and imperative customers.

And again JeetLe offers a plethora of buying-opportunities to its clientele through, yet again, the unique reverse-auctioning system. This time on platter is the astounding Honda Stunner CBF. All waiting to be grappled by you at a never before heard price! Ready to rumble? Geared up to bid?

This stylishly designed Honda CBF Stunner is an upgraded version of its predecessor that gives superior fuel efficiency whilst giving enhanced performance. And comes with a powerful combination of elegant looks and trendy features. To cut it short, CBF Stunner means to make a style statement without making holes in the pocket, as it’s designed for students and young professionals who would want their rides to be economical and reasonable at the same time with eye-ball turning looks!

True to its punch line – Absolute Sensation Reprogrammed – CBF Stunner delivers a host of sensational yet trendy features and utilities. Some of it being – a combinative braking system of contemporary disk brakes (240mm) at the front and the conventional drum brakes (130mm) at the rear; tubeless tyres at the front as well as at the rear; environment-friendly engine that’s believed to bring down the emission levels to at least one-tenth of existing besides with a 4-stroke, air-cooled self-starting engine; etc.

All this and more and only at a price you name it! The wait is over. Time to claim what is rightfully yours. Happy bidding! :-)

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